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AYP Detail Calculation Description

The federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires states to establish an accountability system to evaluate the performance of public schools and school districts. In Arizona, the primary three measures used in the evaluated are:

1.      The proportion of students passing the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) test

2.      The percentage of students assessed

3.      An additional measure of school performance, which is the attendance rate for elementary schools.

If a school, district or state- passes on all three measures, then it is deemed to have made adequate yearly progress (AYP).

AYP is a measure of school-wide performance across grade and subjects. AYP is the measure of school performance and is based on the student achievement, specifically speaking the AIMS test.

The intent of this profile is to provide an overview of the parameters and business rules that make up the AYP detailed calculation.  

·        Proficiency standards: NCLB requires that every student in Arizona meet the standards in reading/language arts and mathematics by 2013-2014. The state set Annual Measureable Objectives (AMO) for each grade and subject evaluated. To meet all the criteria to make AYP an school much reach the AMOs for both mathematics and reading/language arts in each grade it offers. There are 4 ways to met the requirements for AYP.

o   Met AMO directly

o   Met AMO by using the confidence interval

o   Met AMO via safe harbor

o   Met AMO using the growth model

·        95 percent of students for each subject in every grade offered, including each applicable subgroup (see below) must be tested in order for a school or district to make AYP.

o   In addition to meeting the 95 percent rule for the entire testable population, the school must also meet the same objectives for every applicable subgroup within each grade/subject combination. NCLB specifies the following subgroups be evaluated: the five major ethnic groups- Hispanic, White, African-American, Asian-Pacific Islander, and Native American- English Language Learners (ELL), students with disabilities, and students from low-income families.

·        The additional indicator:  elementary schools must have a school-wide attendance rate at 90 percent, or show a one percentage-point improvement in attendance rate over the previous year.

If you have any questions regarding the report or calculations you can call the Department of Research, Planning and Assessment on (623)237-7185 or email

 School AYP Detail

Glendale Landmark - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfGlendale Landmark - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Supplemental Educational Services.pdfSupplemental Educational ServicesJim Cummings
Bicentennial North - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfBicentennial North - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Bicentennial South - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfBicentennial South - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Challenger - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfChallenger - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Coyote Ridge - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfCoyote Ridge - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Desert Garden - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfDesert Garden - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Desert Spirit - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfDesert Spirit - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Discovery - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfDiscovery - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
District - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfDistrict - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Don Mensendick - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfDon Mensendick - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Glendale American - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfGlendale American - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Glenn F. Burton - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfGlenn F. Burton - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Harold W. Smith - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfHarold W. Smith - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Horizon - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfHorizon - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
Sunset Vista - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfSunset Vista - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings
William C. Jack - 2010 Final AYP Details.pdfWilliam C. Jack - 2010 Final AYP DetailsJim Cummings

 School AYP Letters

Meet and Confer Recommendations  Revised 050216.pptxMeet and Confer Recommendations Revised 050216Russell Deneault
Spanish Meet and Confer Recommendations f2016 Meet and Confer SPANISH FINAL.pptxSpanish Meet and Confer Recommendations f2016 Meet and Confer SPANISH FINALRussell Deneault
forti.cerfortiRussell Deneault
Parent Calendar 2015-2016.pdfParent Calendar 2015-2016Stacie Bakos
Parent Request for Records Spanish .pdfParent Request for Records Spanish Russell Deneault
Parent Request for Records English.pdfParent Request for Records EnglishRussell Deneault
NTC Glendale ESD 15percent OR Election Notice Requesting Arguments.pdfNTC Glendale ESD 15percent OR Election Notice Requesting ArgumentsRussell Deneault
Internet Safety Policy Announcement May 2012.pdfInternet Safety Policy Announcement May 2012Russell Deneault
GESD SES Requirements.pdfGESD SES RequirementsJim Cummings
SES Interest form2011 2012.pdfSES Interest form2011 2012Jim Cummings
Sunset Vista AYP Spanish 11_12.pdfSunset Vista AYP Spanish 11_12Jim Cummings
Sunset Vista AYP English 11-12.pdfSunset Vista AYP English 11-12Jim Cummings
Smith AYP Spanish 11_12.pdfSmith AYP Spanish 11_12Jim Cummings
Smith AYP English 11-12.pdfSmith AYP English 11-12Jim Cummings
Sine AYP Spanish 11_12.pdfSine AYP Spanish 11_12Jim Cummings
Sine AYP English 11_12.pdfSine AYP English 11_12Jim Cummings
Mensendick AYP Spanish 11_12.pdfMensendick AYP Spanish 11_12Jim Cummings
Mensendick AYP English 11_12.pdfMensendick AYP English 11_12Jim Cummings
Landmark AYP Spanish 11_12.pdfLandmark AYP Spanish 11_12Jim Cummings
Landmark AYP English 11_12.pdfLandmark AYP English 11_12Jim Cummings
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