Governing Board

  • 2017 GESD Governing Board

    The Glendale Elementary School District Governing Board consists of five members, each of whom resides within the school district and is elected to a four-year term. Governing Board members serve voluntarily, and at the pleasure of GESD voters. School board elections are held in conjunction with state and federal elections every two years.

    By law, the Governing Board sets District policies and has final authority over all school district business. The District’s superintendent is appointed by the Governing Board and is charged with the execution of Board policy. The superintendent works closely with the administrative staff when developing recommendations for Board consideration.

    Unless announced otherwise, Governing Board meetings are held at the District Office located at 7301 N. 58th Ave., Glendale, AZ 85301.

    Public Participation at Board Meetings 
    Members of the public are invited to attend meetings of the Board. The Board is subject to Arizona's Open Meeting 

    Law, which limits discussion to those subjects included on the agenda for each meeting. Any individual may comment by completing a request form available at each meeting. A completed form can be submitted to any administrator, Board member or the Board’s assistant who will forward it to the presiding officer of the meeting. The individual will be invited to speak during the Call to the Public. Speakers are limited to three minutes.

    Because the Glendale Elementary School District respects the voices of its parents, staff and community members, the Board welcomes guests to its bi-monthly meetings where opinions and ideas can be expressed.

    Study Sessions
    Study sessions are held as needed for the purpose of studying one or more specific issues in depth. No action is taken during a study session. The public is invited to attend. Notification of study sessions is posted at all sites and on the district’s website.

    Executive sessions are occasionally scheduled to handle specific Board business matters, which include personnel, legal matters and property purchases. An executive session is closed to the public, but any official action on executive session items is taken during regular Board meetings.