Community Education Preschool Program
    Glendale Elementary School District offers developmentally appropriate preschool programming for four and five year old children throughout the district. The preschool classrooms operate closely with the schedule of the school site where they are located. Parents will be notified of any calendar changes. GESD offers both 3 Hour/Day Programs and 6 Hour/Day Programs day 4 days a week with A.M. and P.M. class times available (times vary per site). Class size is limited to 20 to keep a ratio of 10 children to one adult. Availability is dependent on enrollment. Children may qualify under the following funding:
     Tuition-
     Quality First Scholarship-income eligibility criteria
     Preschool Development Grant-income eligibility criteria
     IDEA 2004 Criteria-eligible based upon Child Find criteria

    1. Children must be 4 years old by August 31st of current school year.
    2. Children must be able to take care of their own toiletry needs.
    3. Tuition Policies-
     Annual registration fee is$30.00 ($50.00 Out of District)
     Monthly tuition for the 3 Hour/Day Program fee is $300.00 ($350.00 Out of District) and for the 6 Hour/Day Program $600.00 ($650.00)
     District residency is not required.
    Quality First Scholarship-Preschool Development Grant-
    Funding provided by Quality First and Preschool Development Grant is based on the following eligibility requirements:
    1. Families must meet income guidelines set by the state (need proof of income).
    a. Proof of Family Size-current tax return
    b. Proof of Citizenship-birth certificate or visa
    c. Proof of Family Income-Public Assistance Approval Letter or 4 weeks consecutive pay stubs of all family members
    2. Children must be 4 years of age by August 31st of the current school year and turn 5 after or on September 1st of the current school year.
     Annual registration fee is $30.00 ($50.00 Out of District).
     District residency is not required.
    *Transportation is not provided for Tuition, Quality First, or Preschool Development Grant children.
    **Any child attending with a scholarship who attends less than 85% will be subject to disenrollment.
    IDEA 2004 Criteria -
    Children who attend the Community Education Preschool Program and are eligible for special education are not subject to the annual registration fee or monthly tuition. Children who attend the Community Education Preschool Program prior to being found eligible for special education under IDEA 2004 are not eligible for reimbursement of the annual registration fee or monthly tuition up to the time of special education eligibility.