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    In compliance with this law all students participating in athletics in the Glendale Elementary School District shall complete the Brainbook online concussion education course. All student athletes shall complete the course prior to participation in practice or competition in any sports. This requirement includes cheerleaders.

    Students, parent, coaches, teachers and administrators can take the Brainbook concussion module. Click on the quick link entitled "Brainbook." Once the new window opens, click on the link in the Login box titled "Non-Student Course Link". This will allow you to take the online concussion module without registering or taking the quiz at the end of the high school student module. This will suffice for the non-high school concussion education requirement of ARS 15-341 (24) (SB 1521) mandate.

    A copy of the state statue related to concussions is posted on the AlA Academy site under "AlA Academy News" on the left side of the home page titled Arizona State Law — Concussions (ARS 15-341).

    Each school may need to provide a computer for those students who do not have home access. All students participating in district sponsored practice sessions or games must have a copy of their completion certificate in order to participate in athletics. Please keep a copy of their certificate of completion in their student file.