•  Sensory & Communication Preschool Program


    The Glendale Elementary School District provides special education preschool to children who qualify based on eligibility determined by the IEP team following an appropriate evaluation that meets state requirements.


    The Sensory & Communication Preschool Program is a 3 hour program, 4 days a week, for our 3, 4 and 5 year old children.


    This special education classroom meets the needs of students with some identified special need. 


    The Sensory & Communication program provides a smaller adult to child ratio than our CEP and Universal programs. We provides services for children who need a consistent daily sensory diet and visual supports for communication in order to function in a classroom setting. Children in our Sensory & Communication program receive individualized instruction and supports as listed in their IEPs. 


    Instruction includes pre-academics/thinking skills, social-emotional skills, self-care and routines, language and communication, fine & gross motor activities. A variety of activities are provided in centers, small groups and large groups setting.


    Teachers collect data specific to goals listed in each child’s IEP.


    Teaching Strategies GOLD is used by the state of Arizona and Glendale Elementary as our system of monitoring general preschool development of all preschool students.


    This data is used for lesson planning, individualization, sharing of information with parents, and progress reports.


    The determination of what classroom program is most appropriate will be done in conjunction with an educational team.