Cofense Phishing Reporter

  • Every employee of Glendale Elementary is part of a team to keep students and staff safe, including our data. The district has adopted a tool to protect us from email spammers called Cofense Reporter. Phishing emails are one of the greatest threats facing organizations like ours today. Deleting a suspicious email is not enough; reporting suspicious messages helps GESD identify and prevent attacks.


    If you suspect that you have received a phishing email at work, use the Reporter button for reporting it immediately.

  • How Do I Report Emails?

    Previously, reporting potential phishing emails could be a confusing process. Now, all that is needed to report an email is one click of the Reporter button in your inbox. Once you have reported the email, we will immediately notify you that your report has been submitted.

    What Happens After I Report An Email?

    Our District IT department will investigate the email as a potential phishing attack and the message will be moved to your Trash. There is no penalty for reporting a harmless email. But if the email is malicious, the intel you have provided will help us determine the attack's source and prevent similar attacks on our organization in the future.