• Overview of Gifted Services

    Gifted Cluster Grouping Model

    Cluster grouping is a full day gifted service model.  Gifted students are grouped together in a classroom with teachers who have been designated by their principals.  Gifted Strand teachers hold a gifted endorsement issued by the state of Arizona or are working toward acquiring one.   Gifted Leads provide professional development in gifted education and facilitates the planning and implementation of differentiated curriculum and instruction through regularly scheduled monthly Gifted Strand meetings.  Gifted Achievement Advisor provides support to Gifted Leads and Gifted Strand teachers through professional development, coaching, and facilitating with the planning and implementation of differentiated curriculum and instruction.  

    The teachers collaborate with parents to create a Gifted Differentiation Plan (GDP) to support the student in the classroom.  GDPs includes: student information, student achievement profile, strengths & obstacles, a goal, and reflection.

    In the Cluster Grouping Model, gifted students are clustered into mixed-ability classrooms at each grade level.  It allows the teacher to meet the needs of all students while addressing the exceptional needs of the gifted students.

    Gifted students receive instruction that is differentiated by content, process, product, learning environment, and assessment:

    1. Content — Complex, abstract ideas presented in a variety of disciplines, including interdisciplinary curriculum
    2. Process — Higher-level thinking through Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Multiple Intelligences
    3. Products — Alternative methods of demonstrating mastery with a range of complexity
    4. Learning environment — Student-centered, flexible grouping based on readiness, interests, and abilities
    5. Assessments — Pre-assessment and testing out-of-grade level curriculum.