• DLIP Video Showcase

    Hello Parents of Dual Language Immersion Program students. Your child’s teachers are hard at work preparing lessons, videos, and enrichment activities your child can do at home to practice their Spanish. Below are a couple of videos Ms. Munoz, first grade teacher at William C. Jack School, has created that we would like to showcase.


    This first video is to help your child practice their reading skills. The video focuses on adivinanzas, or riddles. Ms. Munoz begins the video by modeling a riddle that says “el rey de la selva soy” (the king of the jungle I am), “mi rugido es estrondoso” (my roar is thunderous), and “mi melena como el sol” (my mane is like the sun). Que soy? What am I? Ms. Munoz continues to guide students how to read and complete some riddles, and encourages them to memorize the riddles and try them out with family and friends over the phone. Students can even make up their own riddles. This is a fun activity that you and your child can do together!

     Adivinanzas Video


    This first video is to help your child practice their math skills by looking for formas geométricas, or geometric shapes. Ms. Munoz begins the video by modeling several objects in her home that represent different geometric shapes. Your student can practice naming the following shapes in Spanish cuadrado (square), triángulo (triangle), círculo (circle), rectángulo (rectangle), hexágono (hexagon), and rombo (rhombus). Ms. Munoz continues by singing a song about formas geométricas. Students are encouraged to sing along with Ms. Munoz. She ends the video by encouraging students to find and name shapes in their home. A buscar! Start looking!

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