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    Glendale Elementary School District volunteers work under the direct supervision of the professional staff at each school. They work only with those teachers or staff members who have requested the services of a volunteer. It is the responsibility of the school principal or supervising teacher to dismiss any volunteer whose actions are not in the best interest of the school or our students.


    Students rarely have behavior problems while working with volunteers. However, it is important for you to know that our schools have detailed discipline plans and that the responsibility for discipline rests with the teacher. Volunteers may not discipline students. Please make the teacher aware of any discipline problem that might arise when you are working with a student.


    As a volunteer, you will learn a great deal about our programs and students. Volunteers enjoy sharing their experiences with friends and family. However, it is extremely important that you do not discuss the progress, test grades, behavior, or problems of individual students. The school staff must be able to depend on you to keep this information confidential. It is also important that you not probe into a student’s life or private matters. The Federal Privacy Act does not permit discussion of the above with anyone.

    Dismissal of Students

    Volunteers may never dismiss a student from school. Children who need to leave school early must have permission from the school office. Under no circumstances may a volunteer take a student off campus. Volunteers may not transport students for any reason.

    Contacting Students

    As a school volunteer, you will meet delightful students. We know that you will enjoy working with them! However, volunteers may not telephone students or visit their homes. Volunteers may not make arrangements to meet students off campus, nor may students be invited to the volunteer’s home. Volunteers should not contact students via social media. (If you are interested in working with children outside of the school hours, we invite you to contact the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters or Foster Grandparents organization.)


    Staff Restrooms are available for volunteers. We ask that volunteers not use the student restrooms.

    Workman's Compensations/District Insurance Information

    A volunteer worker is not covered by workman’s compensation (accident insurance) or the District medical insurance. If the volunteer worker had an accident on the job, the District workman’s compensation policy will not apply. In case where a District employee or the public is involved because of negligence and the District is named within the suit, the school District liability insurance policy will take effect.