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    Do I need to be fingerprinted if I want to go on a field trip with my child?

    Tier II parents do not need to be fingerprinted to volunteer at a field trip. We only require a background check.

    Will someone contact me when my application has been cleared?

    The District Office does not contact volunteers once cleared but you can check with the site secretaries if you name is on the cleared list at any time. 

    How long will it take? 

    Depending on the level of clearance it could take up to 1 week for Tier II parents and below or up to 10 weeks for fingerprinted volunteers. 

    What type of photo ID is acceptable?

    Any current government issued photo ID is acceptable. This includes government issued photo IDs from other countries. 

    Why do you need my social security number? 

    In order for the Human Resources department to process the background check, we require a social security number in order to verify your identity. 

    What if I have a fingerprint clearance card? 

    An IVP fingerprint clearance card is accepted in lieu of being fingerprinted by GESD staff. It must be current and must be presented to the district office. Additionally, we require a Conviction Statement form to be completed and notarized by our staff. Background checks are still run.