Welcome To Gifted Services

  • Glendale Elementary School District is dedicated to challenging and engaging gifted students at every grade level, K-8, to recognize and reach their full potential, academically, socially and emotionally. The goals of the gifted program in the Glendale Elementary School district are:

    • To identify students who are gifted through a variety of measures appropriate for the population of the district.
    • To meet the academic and social/emotional needs of gifted children throughout the school day, every day.
    • To properly train teachers in the characteristics and needs of gifted children, and how to effectively differentiate curriculum for such students.
    • To integrate the 2010 NAGC Gifted Programming Standards to focus on student outcomes


    Promoting educational potential is our goal in providing services for gifted students. Qualifying students in grades K-8 are provided learning activities designed for gifted children. GESD's curriculum is structured so that all students, including the academically gifted, can expand upon regular classroom assignments to the fullest extent of their abilities, emphasizing higher level thinking processes and "choices".


    Gifted Scope and Sequence -- COMING SOON!



    Gifted Records Requests:

    Carol Lettieri

    Director of Special Education


    (623) 237-7148