• Employee Relations

    Deby Valadez
    Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
    (623) 237-7169

    Michaela Bubach
    Administrative Assistant
    (623) 237-7125

    Office Management and Recruiting

    Jacque Horine
    Director of Human Resources
    (623) 237-7151

    Melissa Marze
    Coordinator of Human Resources
    (623) 237-7127

    Position Allocations, Staffing, Benefit Compliance and HR Systems

    Hogla Gonzalez 
    HR Systems Specialist
    (623) 237-7106

    Sara Luque
    HR Technician
    (623) 237-7227

    Employment Technicians

    Kathy Neagu
    HR Technician 
    (623) 237-7128

    Ulises Montes
    HR Technician
    (623) 237-7104

    Angelica Sharp
    HR Technician
    (623) 237-7107

    Benefits and Wellness

    Jodi Finnesy
    Benefits Analyst
    (623) 237-7149

    Davita Solter
    Wellness Specialist
    (623) 237-7231

    General Information

    Iris Gonzales
    Admin Secretary, HR
    (623) 237-7143

    Yolie Abril
    District Receptionist
    (623) 237-7100


  • Our Mission

    To foster an environment of academic excellence through innovative learning and build tomorrow's socially responsible leaders. 

    Our Core Values

    Integrity, Diversity, Unrivaled Achievement, Employee Excellence, Stewardship, Well-Being, Community, Equity