• Quality Early Education Offered at 12 GESD Schools for the 2023-2024 School Year

    Kindergarten is key to giving your child a good start to their education. That’s why the Glendale Elementary School District offers free, all-day kindergarten at 12 sites for children in the greater Glendale area.

    A Day In the Life

    A typical kindergarten day includes 420 minutes of instruction of the following:

    • Language and Literacy instruction, including oral language development, vocabulary building, phonemic awareness, guided and shared reading and the integration of social studies, science and math with language activities.
    • The writing process and writing projects such as journals, sharing, class books, and individual connected sentences.
    • Math, including sorting, graphing, addition and subtraction.

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    Parents can register any child who will be five years of age before Sept. 1 at their local school. In order to register, parents will have to provide the following documents:

    Verification of residency – These include:

    • Lease/rental contract
    • Escrow/mortgage documents
    • Utility bill listing the name and address of the parent/guardian.

    Health records – Parents must physically provide one of the following:

    • An AZ Lifetime Immunization Booklet;
    • A signed and dated Arizona School Immunization Record (ASIR 109R);
    • Out-of-state records which have been signed and dated by the school office;
    • Doctor or hospital records;
    • Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS);
    • Children’s Health Information Program (CHIP) software, following requirements of ASIR 109R.

    Birth Certificate or another legal document. This includes:

    • An original birth certificate
    • Original baptismal record
    • Refugee card
    • Passport
    • Department of Economic Security (DES) or court papers assigning custody.

    Custody papers, if applicable — Divorced, separated or other legal guardians are responsible for providing GESD with the necessary legal custody papers. Powers of Attorney need to be notarized and submitted to the school office every six months.

    If transferring, or seeking open enrollment, parents must provide withdrawal papers from the last school the student attended.

    Enroll Now!

    You can enroll your child for kindergarten today at these Glendale elementary schools:

    Bicentennial South
    7240 W. Colter

    6905 W. Maryland

    Desert Spirit
    7355 W. Orangewood

    7910 W. Maryland 

    Don Mensendick
    5535 N. 67th Ave.

    Glendale American
    8530 N. 55th Ave.

    Glenn F. Burton
    4801 W. Maryland

    Harold W. Smith
    6534 N. 63rd Ave.

    8520 N. 47th Ave.  

    5730 W. Myrtle 

    Sunset Vista  
    7775 W. Orangewood 

    William C. Jack  
    6600 W. Missouri