• FCC Form 470 – Funding Year 2017

    Posted by Jay Myers on 12/8/2016

    FCC Form 470 – Funding Year 2017
    Application Number: 170053611



    Cellular Voice Monthly service charges for district and schools for cellular services up to (150) cellular lines with unlimited data, a minimum of (400) shared minutes, long distance, roaming, texting. No equipment charges should be included in costs. Please quote ineligible data and texting charges separately.


    State and Local Procurement Restrictions

    THIS PROCUREMENT IS NOT A FORMAL SEALED BID/RFP PROCESS. There are no state or local restrictions or regulations on how service providers can contact the District's technology or business manager. Arizona State Procurement Code requires a formal sealed bidding process; or purchasing from a State Master Contract, other approved cooperative purchasing contract, or compliant consortium procured contract for any procurement in excess of $100,000.00. Any quote/proposal whose total value exceeds $100,000.00 and is not linked to a current State Master Contract, other approved cooperative purchasing contract, or a compliant consortium procured contract will be disqualified by Arizona State Procurement Code. Any quote/proposal submitted that does not specifically address the services requested, is generic in nature or otherwise does not meet the requirements contained in this Form 470 and associated specifications may be considered non-responsive and may be disqualified. All original contracts offered that are less than a 60 month term should include specifications that allow for annual one year extensions and/or month to month extensions at the discretion of the applicant; not to exceed a total of 60 months. Please quote all eligible and ineligible products/services separately. Any pricing proposed must comply with the FCC Lowest Corresponding Price Rule as required by the Universal Service First Report and Order, and restated in the FCC E-Rate Modernization Report and Order, adopted July 11, 2014. The FCC Lowest Corresponding Price rule prohibits an E-rate services offeror from offering or charging E-rate applicants a price higher than the lowest price that the offeror charges to nonresidential customers who are similarly situated to a particular school, library, rural health care provider or consortium that purchase directly from the offeror.

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