• Family Education Center

    A place for parents to get involved with school.


    Each week activities take place in the Family Education Center to help you and your

    student.  These include guest speakers on topics such as: Nutrition, Fire Safety,

    Early Childhood,  Adolescents, Drug Abuse, CCC-CPR information and other topics. 

    Other activities include workshops like: Make and Take, How to Help Your Child

    at Home, Homework, and many more. Our workshops and lessons are

    for all parents and guardians of any student at Glendale American. The Family

    Education Center is located in room 53, in portable building D.


    Something exciting is always happening on Tuesday mornings at 8:00 am in the Center.

    Coffee and Snacks are always provided complimentary.  Usually on the 4th Tuesday of

    each month, we hold a Coffee Talk with our principal, Dr. Troutt. Please join us for

    an informal gathering with her as a question and answer session.


    Please join us for the upcoming events as all families are invited to attend.


    For more information, please contact: 

    Nadine Yuhasz

    Family Services Liaison