Meet Superintendent Joe Quintana

  • I am honored to serve as Superintendent of such a dynamic and diverse school community. In GESD, more than 1,400 dedicated employees serve more than13,000 students and their families in the heart of Glendale, Ariz.

    In GESD we have two goals:

    • Increase student achievement
    • Eliminate the achievement gap

    Superintendent Joe Quintana With a sharp focus on these two areas, we believe that we will move our District and our students forward. Like all school districts and educational institutions, GESD faces real challenges. However, we will not deviate from the work in which we need to engage in order to raise the academic performance of all GESD students. Challenges are not barriers to student academic success.

    Every day, and in many different ways, we are grateful for all our staff does to make our students feel valued, and for their commitment to success for all students. Their continued loyalty to GESD and the children and community we serve is admirable, and deeply appreciated. Their confidence and participation in the work we are engaged in makes a difference for your children.

    We are on the right path and are engaging in the right work. Although there is still much to do, we should not take for granted what we accomplished this last year. On the AzMERIT exam, all grade levels except one showed improvement in the percentage of proficient or highly proficient students in English Language Arts and Mathematic. In addition:

    • all English Language Learner grade levels showed improvement in mathematics;
    • the highest percentage of improvement was at fifth-grade in English language Arts (11 percent) and third-grade mathematics (12 percent);
    • geometry showed a gain of 20 percent from 2015 to 2016;
    • and overall gains were evident in Diverse Populations (ELL, Special Education and Gifted). 

    Thanks to the good work of our finance team we have, for the third consecutive year, moved more money into our classrooms (and less in administration) despite continued deep cuts to education by the State of Arizona. Additionally, thanks to voter approval of Proposition 123, we were, for the first time in a very long time, able to offer our outstanding staff substantial and permanent raises.

    GESD also:

    • moved towards curricular continuity across district schools through the use of District Pacing Guides and aligned resources;
    • continue to improve our instructional practices to align with College and Career Readiness Standards;
    • implemented a balanced assessment plan to better understand and improve student learning;
    • continue to provide support to increase the effectiveness of collaborative teams;
    • assigned schools support teams to assist with continuous improvement;
    • tripled the number of school and district partnerships with businesses and other community members;
    • continue to address building and facility needs. Several renovation projects occurred over the summer.

    These are just some of our accomplishments over the last year, and we look forward to showing more improvement in this coming year.

    This is the right work. It is hard work. It is OUR work. Helping students be academically successful is our fundamental responsibility and the reason we exist. I urge everyone — students, parents, teachers, administrators, support staff and community members — to embrace this fundamental responsibility and to utilize our collective talents, experience and knowledge to help all students achieve at high levels.


    Joe Quintana