• Our Mission

    Our highly trained and caring staff, in partnership with our families and community, ensures each student will achieve the academic excellence and confidence to embrace a future of higher education leading to a productive and fulfilling life.

    Our Goals

    Increase Student Achievement

    Eliminate the Achievement Gap


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    Our Students

    Total Enrollment


    English Language Learners

    2,314, or 19.5 percent of all students

    39 — the number of languages other than English used at home by GESD students

    Special Education

    1,583, or 13.3 percent of all students.


    648, or 5.2 percent of all students

    Federal Title I Program

    All GESD schools receive Title I funds. These are federal dollars that fund programs to assist disadvantaged youth.

    Free and Reduced-price Lunch

    More than 90 percent of GESD students are considered to be living in poverty based on the number that qualify for the federal Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program. Students qualify for the program if their family income falls below federal poverty levels. For a family of four, the household income must be below $2,389 per month to qualify for free meals, and $3,400 for reduced-price meals. Students also qualify if their family receives food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or benefits from the Food Distributions Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR).


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    Number of Students by Grade Level

    K-3 — 4,934

    4-8 — 6,948


    Three K-3 primary schools, three 4-8 middle school and 11 K-8 elementary schools 

    Our Professional Staff

    Certified Staff — 722

    • Teachers, achievement advisors, librarians
    • All GESD teachers are highly qualified as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act.

    Classified Staff — 731

    • Bus drivers, custodians, clerical staff, cafeteria staff, maintenance staff, grounds staff, classroom aides, front office staff

    School-based Supervisors — 34

    • Principals and assistant principals

    District-wide Supervisors — 27

    • Superintendent, assistant superintendents, communications director, curriculum and instruction, research and planning, curriculum coordinators, language acquisition, supervisors for departments such as transportation, food services, facilities and maintenance, human resources, business services, payroll and technology


    funding graphic

    The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) is the main operating budget for the District, and is broken down into six areas:


    Instruction of Students — This includes all costs associated with classroom instruction, including teacher salaries and benefits, supplies and activities. It also includes services for alternative education, special education, language acquisition and other supplemental instructional programs.

    Support Services for Students — This includes all costs that go toward running a school, including student safety, custodial services and food service. It also contains costs for assessment and testing, library services and curriculum.

    School Adminstration­ — This includes all costs for administration at individual schools, including principal, assistant principal and front office staff salaries and benefits.

    Operations ­— These costs include buildings and ground maintenance.

    Central Office Administration ­­— This includes the costs that go into running the school district, including salaries and benefits for district-level administrators and support staff, Superintendent and Governing Board offices, information technology, business services, human resources and communications.

    Transportation ­— This includes all costs for transportation, including fuel, vehicle / bus maintenance, and salaries / benef

Contact Information

  • phone icon (623) 237-7100

    Business Services / Budget 623-237-7110

    Communications 623-237-7180

    Curriculum and Instruction 623-237-7224

    Facilities / Maintenance 623-237-6202

    Governing Board 623-237-7136

    Human Resources 623-237-7125

    Language Acquisition 623-237-7160

    Student Services 623-237-7133

    Superintendent’s Office 623-237-7136

    Technology Services 623-237-7121

    Transportation 623-237-6261


    Location Icon District Office:7301 North 58th Ave, Glendale AZ 85301

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