• Technology Support

    Having issues or need to report a problem, including lost, broken, or stolen technology? Contact your teacher or a parent can email techhelp@gesd40.org and a support person will reach back to you as soon as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is my student username and password

    A: The student username and password is included on the handout received when the device is checked out. Your teacher can also help provide these items.


    Q: How do I log on to a GESD Chromebook?

    A: Chromebooks will only work if you are connected to the Internet. Before you log on, you must connect to WiFi. To get started, open the lid of the Chromebook and it will power on automatically. If it does not power on, press the power button above the keyboard or on the side of the device (note, if it still won’t power on, you may need to plug it in to charge).

    On the bottom-right of the screen, click the time. Then, click below the wifi symbol, where it says Not connectedFind your home wifi network on the list and connect to it. If your network is secured, you will need the WiFi password.

    Once you connect, the screen will say, “This device is managed by gstudents.org Please click ‘Next’ to continue signing in to your gstudents.org account.” Only Glendale Elementary student accounts may be used to log in. Click Next

    Each student has their own username and password that has been attached to your paperwork for reference. Enter the username and password, then click Login.

    Google Chrome will open after logging in to the homepage of your student’s school. 

    Under Popular Links, click the Key icon (Single Sign On) to access all of the resources your student uses in the classroom.


    Q: Where can I find more information if my student was assigned an iPad (Challenger, Desert Spirit, Sine, and Sunset Vista Schools)

    A: Please visit the website for the GESD Verizon Innovative Learning Program.


    Q: How do I access school educational resources?

    A: The Single Sign On is available to all students from any device connected to the internet. Visit https://gesd40.helloid.com and log on with the same username and password provided for students to log on to their Chromebook. Resources such as Google, Canvas, Library systems, and other educational resources are available in this one location.