Keep up with your child's progress using ParentVUE

Posted by Jim Cummings on 9/24/2018


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Improving the home-school connection is an integral part of the Glendale Elementary School District’s mission, and the ParentVUE is just one more way the District is reaching out to parents and guardians for the benefit of students.

Because GESD’s ParentVUE is part of the District’s student information system, it offers parents and guardians online, timely and secure access to your child’s grades, attendance and class schedule. It also allows you to keep up with health information, and provides you with a direct connection to your child’s teacher through email.  In a nutshell, the GESD ParentVUE is an easy-to-use communication tool that allows you to take an even more active role in your child’s education.

Parents and guardians can access information about attendance, grades, class and school calendars, course information, test history and medical information from the nurse’s office. Only you can see that information because only parents or guardians with a PIN assigned to them by their school have access to their child’s records. PINs will be passed out during Parent/Teacher Conferences. If you lose or forget your PIN, you can check back in at your school office to recover it.

Information on core classes are updated regularly. Grades for non-core classes — art, physical education, etc. — and some special programs may not be updated as often. Check any grade discrepancy with your child’s teacher.