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    Grades: Kindergarten through 8th 
    Phone: 623-237-6300
    Email: geo@gesd40.org

    Principal: Dr. Alfredo Barrantes Santamaria

    Administrative Secretary: Elba Dakey Acopa 

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  • What is GEO Learning?

    GEO Learning (Glendale Elementary Online Learning) is on the Canvas learning management system platform. GEO Learning mirrors an online class a student would take at the high school or college level only with grade-level content. GEO Learning will be the curriculum program that your student participates in when choosing the online learning option for this quarter.

    What is Canvas?

    Canvas will be the "classroom" that your student actively engages in during the course of instruction. It is the "Learning Platform That Helps Great Education Happen." All assignments, collaboration, feedback, and assessments will be housed on your student's Canvas Course, providing access to any links, documents, or resources your student needs to be successful within their course.

    Canvas LMS   LMS

    Parental/Guardian Partnership

    Students who participate in full-time online instruction will be engaged in a blend of asynchronous (not at the same time) and synchronous (at the same time) learning to provide flexibility for parents and guardians to provide support to their students. In light of current events, it is important now more than ever, that your students have parental/guardian support at home which is why we ask you to commit time to view the "Canvas Overview Tutorial" videos with your student. It is through this partnership that we can open a line of communication to best support our students virtually and at home.

    Device/Internet Access

    All GEO Learning students will be provided with a device to use at home if needed. Families are responsible for providing internet connectivity.