• How was your summer? What did you do? Where did you go? Did you have fun?

    I’m sure you’ve heard, or will hear, these sentiments voiced over the next few days as we start a new school year at Don Mensendick Elementary School. It’s important at the beginning of any new adventure to reflect on the past, take a moment to recognize the growth one has made up to this point, and try to find new ways to spread positivity and kindness into the environment around you. 

    It is the beginning of yet another adventure at Mensendick. I love being your Principal, it is an honor and privilege that I fully respect and am I am excited to begin this 2019-2020 school year. We have an exceptionally talented staff that is ready to assist your child in the growth of their academic success. It is our goal to continue to nurture a positive school environment and foster relationships with students, parents, and staff in order to promote the very best educational achievement through the family we are creating in our school.

    I have been in the Glendale School District family for 15 years, six of those years as an administrator. It has been my goal to help students be the very best version of themselves, promote continued growth for staff as educators and positive influencers, and shape a school environment that is built upon a foundation of kindness. In this role as an administrator, I have worked with an entire school of students and teachers, I have been fortunate enough to meet numerous families and parents, and I have grown in understanding what the community we are building needs in order to make the best school for our students. I want so much for this school, these children and our community, and I know that together, with your help, we can achieve the highest levels of success. 

    As we reflect on the past school year and look forward to this new adventure for Mensendick, with an opportunity to promote kindness and support positive growth for students and families, that as a community…

    “We are committed to helping every student succeed.  We are committed to building positive, trusting relationships with each student.  We are committed to high levels of academic and social success.  We are committed to bringing new experiences to all of our students.  We are committed to listening, growing, and working together.”


    Thank you,

    Tamara Yazzie, Principal