WELCOME to the 2016-2017 school year. It is hard to believe that another year is upon us, I am very excited and feel it is a privilege to be your principal. Don Mensendick School has an amazing, compassionate and highly qualified staff that is “All In” to ensure the educational success for all our students. We know that educating your child is more than meeting their academic needs; our goal is to meet them where they are at academically and socially, to guide them to become the best they can be today, tomorrow, and always.


    I am most excited about the implementation of Boys Town. We will be utilizing the Well Managed School program on our campus this year. Through Boys Town we will be focusing on 16 essential social skills, the goal is to reduce discipline, improve the administrative intervention process, and to teach problem-solving skills. Our whole staff will be trained so every student will receive the same message from every staff member.


    Parents and Guardians, you are a vital piece to the success of your child(ren) we cannot do this without you, please join us as partners to ensure the success of our future leaders. There are many ways you can partner with us, become a volunteer, communicate with the teacher, provide a quiet home setting for your student(s) to study and complete homework, ask your child about school, ask about their friends and where they hang out and join the PTO.


    The Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards are fully implemented at Mensendick. These standards are more rigorous; require our students to think at a deeper level, to demonstrate a higher level of mastery and to demonstrate that there is more than one way to solve a problem. Students are taught strategies to help them persevere when they are struggling, and not give up. Every child should have the opportunity to go to college or a university, our job is to ensure they have the skills to be successful in high school, college and beyond.


    Again, welcome to the new school year! Please join us for our monthly coffee talks to hear the latest news about Mensendick. I'm available, please call the office to set appointments to discuss any ideas or concerns you might have.


    Educationally yours,


    Michelle Brady