• Welcome to 2018!

    Whenever a new year begins, it is a time for reflection and growth.  This year was exactly the same.  In December I was named the new principal of Don Mensendick school.  As I reflect on the hard work that Ms. Brady dedicated herself to over the past few years, I hope to grow that work and make Mensendick the school that where students will line up around the block to get into.

    As some of you might know, I have grown in Glendale since college.  I started my student teaching at Desert Spirit in Kindergarten.  I was hired on there shortly after and taught everything from grades K-6.  While I was there, I took on leadership roles so that I could extend my reach to help even more students than just the few in my own classroom.  I was a 21st Century Coordinator, TAT Coordinator and served on many District-level committees.  My goal throughout was to help studens and make a difference.  Almost five years ago I was hired at William C. Jack as its assistant principal. In this role I was able to help an entire school of students. I was lucky enough to meet numerous families and parents, and I loved every minute! Now as I move into this new opportunity at Don Mensendick, I do so with all of that learning and experience. I want so much for this school, these children and our community, and I know that together with your help we can achieve high levels of success.  I look forward to getting to know you and your children and let me reassure you that I will continue pushing so that Mensendick, and all have a part in our school can say…

    We are committed to helping every student succeed.  We are committed to building positive, trusting relationships with each student.  We are committed to high levels of academic success.  We are committed to bringing new experiences to all of our students.  We are committed to listening, growing, and working together.

    Thank you!

    Tamara Yazzie, Principal