In addition to academic learning, school is also a place for students to learn about valuable life/work skills. Two of the most important are punctuality and attendance. It is extremely important for students to arrive to class on time (8:10 AM). Instructional time is a valuable resource and our teachers do everything possible to make sure that it is not wasted. Students need arrive on time every day so that our teachers can begin the important task of educating them. When a student arrives late, he/she misses important parts of a lesson that are crucial for their comprehension of the content being taught. It also puts the teacher in a position of having to catch the student up at the expense of others in the class. Please make sure that you do everything possible to assure that your child is arriving at school on time. Some helpful hints include: enforcing a regular and consistent bedtime, making sure that he/she receives adequate sleep, teaching them to set an alarm clock. The importance that you give to punctuality will be the strongest influence on your child’s own punctuality.


    Like punctuality, daily, regular attendance at school is critical to the academic success of students. Arizona State Law holds parents accountable for making sure that their children are attending school on a regular basis (ARS 15-802, B). Failure to do so can result in criminal prosecution. (ARS 15-803, C). When a child is absent from school, he/she misses out on important learning that is critical for their success. Chronic absenteeism can result in poor academic performance, frustration and the development of negative attitudes towards education on the part of students. It is therefore important that parents do everything possible to ensure regular school attendance for their children. This includes: scheduling doctor and dentist appointments after-school and taking a firm stance with your child when he/she complains about having to attend school. Remember, you are the adult authority figure, not the child.

    Please make sure that you notify the school on the day your child is absent by calling the attendance line at (623) 237-4306. Listen to the menu items for your message. The automated school messenger will call you to verify the absence if this is not done before 9:00 AM.