• Dear Landmark Families,

    We are so excited that we have you at Landmark School for the 17-18 school year.  We have spent the summer diligently preparing.  Each year we have made facility and academic improvements.  As you have probably noticed, work was done on the outside of campus to fix drainage problems that also included a new landscaping design.  Additionally, many teachers arrived back to work prior to their contract to plan with their teammates and assure your child’s first week goes smoothly.   

    I am pleased to inform you that your child’s and our schools AzMERIT data has been released already.  We set our school goals around this state assessment.  Please take time to talk to your child, talk about their strengths and areas needing future growth.  Set short term goals with your child throughout the year to reach their end of year goal.  We still have too many children not reaching the state proficiency mark.  We will need your support to help throughout the school year to take our school to the next level.  Lastly, we have not yet received our school label from the Arizona Department of Education but await these results with the new scoring method.  We will notify parents of our new label once we receive it.

    As a school, we spent last week analyzing our student data.  Landmark School showed growth in grades 3 -7 in English Language Arts which is a combination of Reading and Writing.  6th grade showed the greatest gains with a 16% increase.   Our overall ELA gains average was 4.6%.  In Mathematics, 7th grade showed a 16% gain and third grade showed a 15% gain.  Our fifth graders were just 3% behind the state average and third grade 5% behind.  Our overall math gains average was 4.8%.  We are continuing to focus on our middle school mathematics program as well as continuing to refine our practices in the lower grades to increase the average percentage gains in math.

    Looking further into this year, we are excited to have many new opportunities at Landmark School.  This year we have developed a new partnership. Southwest Behavioral Health Services is providing a counselor on our campus.  For those who enroll in services, Ms. Jessica Burns will be on-site to provide individual and family counseling.  Services are free for those on AHCSS and a sliding scale for those who are not.  Mrs. Kozimor will continue to coordinate LEO with afterschool tutoring and enrichment each quarter for a six-week cycle.  We will be going into year three of our ABEC, Middle School Career Exploration Grant with the Arizona Business Education Coalition. This grant will provide 7th & 8th graders the opportunity to explore a career pathway on Wednesday mornings throughout the school year.  Career Academies offered this year:  Culinary with Gardening, Construction and Engineering, Computer Science/Coding, Health Services and Public Safety.   Lastly, we are proud to continue our grant partnership with First Things First in offering classes and free childcare in our parent resource center daily during classes.  Please check out the monthly calendar of free classes for all community members.

    We expect all kindergarten through third grade parents to join us in WIN – What I Need Meetings.  These meetings will be held three times a year and will share student academic performance levels, as well as, differentiated activities to support your child at home.

    Landmark School is committed to providing each student with an education in which essential information and skills are learned, knowledge is explored, and ideas are critically analyzed and evaluated.  We look forward to embarking on a year of academic and personal success with your child as well as the accomplishment of our school wide goals. Research has shown that children benefit most from their educational programs when their families are actively involved in their schooling. Please join us in working with your children…our students. Together we can strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which each child can flourish!

                                                                                                                                                                                Ms. Schmitz and Mrs. Carrillo