• AzEIP Referral


    Our goal is 100% placement all children from AzEIP into the Glendale Preschool by their 3rd birthday.


    Children birth-3 years may be receiving services through Arizona’s Early Intervention Program (AzEIP). These services are listed in an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).


    Approximately 6 months before your child turns 3, your AzEIP Service Coordinator will schedule a transition meeting with the Glendale Preschool team. During this meeting, we will welcome you and discuss the special education process in the Glendale Preschool. Please ask your AzEIP Service Coordinator when this meeting will be scheduled.


    During the AzEIP Meeting, please bring the following items:


    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Record
    • Proof of Residency (within 30 days)
    • Photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, passport)
    • If available, copy of Individualized Family Service Plan--AzEIP
    • If available, Hearing and Vision Results--must be dated within 1 year
    • Any outside therapy notes (if your child is receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, or other services through an outside (not a school) agency. 

    Please note, appropriate proof of residency is a utility bill, mortgage statement, or rent statement dated within the last month (30 days). Coupon books or ‘Junk’ mail will not be accepted as proof of residency.


    If parent(s) name is not on an utility bill, mortgage statement or rent statement, parent must fill out a “Proof of Residency Form.”

    The form must be notarized and turned in at the time of Intake/Pre-Registration. You will also need to bring the utility bill, mortgage statement, or rent statement for the person listed on the Proof of Residency Form.


    This form may be obtained in the Preschool Department.


    We will also ask these questions at the AzEIP meeting:


    Preschool Office of Glendale Elementary—Guiding Questions for AzEIP Transition


    Fine Motor/Sensory

    Is the child receiving occupational therapy or fine motor services or received them in the past?  (Request records)

    Is the child interested in marking/drawing on paper with a crayon/marker/pencil?

    Can the child stack 5 or more blocks?

    Does the child have difficulties when there are loud noises or bright lights? 

    Will the child play with other children?

    Is the child overwhelmed by being in a crowd of people?

    Can the child calm him/herself?


    Gross Motor

    Is the child receiving physical therapy or gross motor (large muscle) services or received them in the past?   (Request records)

    Is the child able to walk for 30 feet?

    Can the child walk on uneven surfaces like grass/sand/gravel without falling down?

    Can the child go up and down stairs upright (not crawling) if holding a hand or a rail?

    Can the child get up and down from the floor/in and out of a small chair independently?



    Is the child receiving speech/language therapy or communication services or received them in the past?  

    If receiving therapy, is it in the home or a clinic?   (Request records/recent progress notes)

    Do you have concerns with how your child pronounces words?

    How does your child let you know what they want?

    Is you child able to combine words to make comments/sentences

    Are the child able to understand and follow directions?



    Does the child have a medical or mental health diagnosis?  (Request records/recent progress notes)

    Does the child have any health needs? (Thickened liquids, asthma, allergies, feeding tube, Will the nurse need to be involved?)

    Hearing or vision loss? (Will a hearing teacher or a vision teacher and orientation and mobility specialist need to be involved?)