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    In May 2023, the Governing Board of the Glendale Elementary School District (GESD) called for an election in November 2023 for voters living within GESD boundaries to decide on four election initiatives: 


    Continuation of a Maintenance and Operations Budget Override 

    District Additional Assistance Budget Override

    Capital Improvement Bond

    Sale, lease, or exchange of district property


    GESD created a detailed plan for what these ballot initiatives support, including continuing full-day Kindergarten and Specialized Programs including Arts, Music, and P.E., enhancing safety and security, maintaining schools and addressing critical maintenance needs.


    This is a mail-in-only election and all registered voters can vote.

    The deadline to register to vote is October 10, 2023. The Maricopa County Elections Department will begin mailing ballots to all registered voters on October 11, 2023. All ballots must be received by Election Day, November 7, 2023.


    Voter Election Timeline

    Source: Maricopa County Elections


Frequently Asked Questions

Continuation of Maintenance and Operations Budget Override

  • Continuation of Maintenance and Operations Budget Override

  • What is the continuation of the GESD M&O Override?

  • How will it benefit students and school staff?

  • What happens if the M&O override is not renewed?

  • What impact does the override have on a homeowner’s taxes?

District Additional Assistance (DAA) Override

  • What is a District Additional Assistance (DAA) Override?

  • How much does it cost taxpayers?

  • Why is the district seeking the DAA override?

  • Why is this DAA Override on the ballot?

  • What will the override do for students and staff?

Capital Improvement Bond

  • What is a bond?

  • How will the Bond Proceeds be used to maintain and improve the schools and systems in GESD?

  • How would the bond benefit students and staff?

  • How much does it cost taxpayers?

Sale, Lease, or Exchange of District Property

  • What are voters being asked to authorize?