• The Wellness Program for Glendale Elementary School District is designed to help our employees find balance physically, emotionally and financially. A healthy employee equates to happiness. By providing programs to assist the employee’s physical, financial and emotional needs, we are striving to keep insurance claims and substitute hours to a minimum.

    Our program is managed through the Human Resources Department and the program specialist Davita Solter. For the past 36 years, Davita has been a career educator, holding positions in teaching and administration. Upon retiring from a neighboring school district after 31 years, she has now worked in Glendale Elementary School District as a Family Service Advocate and now as the Wellness Program Specialist. 

    We provide a number of programs related to:

    • Physical Well Being - gym discounts, fitness reimbursements, on-site exercise programs, step challenges, weekend hikes and more
    • Emotional Well Being - Pinterest classes, Care 24 information line, Behavioral Healthline, and more
    • Financial Well Being - VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) tax preparation, Employee Network discounts, Wellness classes, and more

    Make the choice to get involved. Take control of your wellness!

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